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CH Weather Outlook

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If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm
-Frank Lane

Does the weather ever change your mood? Are there days that you wish the weather would just change? I do! I live in Arizona and on those days that it reaches about 115 degrees, I can tell my mood changes, I am more irritable, my kids are cranky and it appears that our community closes down because no one wants to beat the heat! There have been some dramatic changes in weather recently which reminds me how unpredictable it can be. Unpredictable just like the markets?

How does the weather affect how you run your business? Does it change how you manage your risk? Larry, with CattleHedging states that “Like forecasting what fed cattle prices may do or managing the cost of your feed with corn from weather forecasts are almost impossible. We are in the time period when corn futures respond to 6 to 10 day weather forecasts and how wet or hot this summer is going to be to crop pollination and growth. Last year looked great until mid-June when it became too dry and draught conditions sent cost-of-gains skyrocketing by the end of July. Just remember price or weather forecasts are not good triggers. CattleHedging.com’s three Strategies are the TRIGGERS we suggest!

Take a look at your forecast for the next three months! Watch how the weather effects your emotions and how you manage your risk in relation to it! The following forecasts were created using the Temperature and Precipitation Outlook maps provided by NOAA.GOV

1 Week Outlook
While the Western states will see above average temperatures over the next week, the Central US along with the Midwest show a 50% probability of seeing below average temperatures.

As far as probability of precipitation in the next week, the Northern states could be below average, while the states South and East of Indiana have a higher probability of seeing above average chances of precip.

1 Month Outlook – Month of July 2013
The Western US could continue to see above average temperatures for the month of July while temperatures have a high probability of staying normal in the Midwest and Eastern states.

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