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Cash Live Cattle is holding its uptrend as we enter the end of the week with range also holding from $137 to $151. For Strategy 2 hedges buy puts over selling futures to protect the uptrend.

  • CWG Weather Highlights:
  • Past 24 hour rains…negligible, but few around Great Lakes;
  • “6-10 Day Rains Narrow Short-Term Midwest Stress”….these rains are going to be crucial;
  • A few rains in SW Midwest start Friday through weekend….best rains in Midwest next week and again, rains are going to be very important after a drier week when stress expanding to 40% of US corn/soy acres….currently, next week’s rains expected to narrow the stress to 20%;

Posted By: CattleHedgingJuly 1, 2022

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*The USDA has confirmed 1,931 hd of steers traded in the country so far today at $144.58 and another…

*The USDA has confirmed 4,043 hd of steers traded Friday in the 5 area at $136.93…

* The USDA has confirmed 3,792 hd traded in the country so far today with 3,110 hd of steers averaging …

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