If you would like more information about Brokerage Services, Web Access, Hedge Positions, Risk Management Workshops, click on one of the tickets at the bottom of this page. For general questions call 866-HEDGE-11 (866-433-4311), or try a 30-day access to CattleHedging.com by filling out your name, email and phone, below. For margin information, opening up an account go to “Back Office” link at the top right.”

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Overnight or Online trading

What to do when you can not get a hold of your broker? We offer 2 ways to trade.
  • Web OE User Friendly, simple, can trade anywhere
  • Order Desk Call Chicago directly with a toll free number to place your trades after office hours. This must be pre-approved.

To learn more about Vantage or Web OE, Please follow the link below.

Welcome to our Back Office

My name is Susan Chevarie-Mack, aka Susan in Denver! I am the Branch Admin person for not only the main CattleHedging.com office but all of the branch offices as well. This would include: Steve Winger and Jaden Winger. If you need any help with your account, this is a great place to start. I can help you with Margins, Bank wires, checks, new accounts, your account statements and overnight trading just to name a few.

Contact Me:

Phone: 866-433-4311
Fax: 303-785-9501
Email: susan@cattlehedging.com


If you have any questions in regards to what the margin requirements are for a certain commodity – click below:

If you would like to open an account with us here at CattleHedging.com, please choose from the list above as to which account you would like to open. Please open the PDF and print all pages.

You will find part 1 and part 2 with each PDF of new account papers. There are about 40 to 45 pages, however there are only about 10 pages that you will need to complete or sign. The rest of them are your disclosure documents.

I have “pre-marked” all papers with the areas that need to be completed. Once you have completed, please scan and email to susan@cattlehedging.com or Fax to 303.790.7030

If you would have any questions, please feel free to give me a call 866.433.4311

9110 E. Nichols Ave #123
Centennial, CO 80112

Please give me a call (866-433-4311) to get started!